Direct Debit Payments


I now have a direct debit scheme in place and I am asking

all customers to register.

Don’t worry you don’t have to pay by direct debit; it will be in place so as you don’t have to run around getting payment to me.


This is how it works;

Firstly you need to give me an E-Mail address. You don’t need an E-Mail. You can use a friends or family member’s e-mail however details of your direct debit will be sent to that e-mail.

Supply me with your name and e-mail. You then receive an e-mail from GoCardless asking you to set up a direct debit mandate with D.Salkeld.Ltd as the reference.


That’s it! Direct Debit has been set up. We then do your windows as normal.


  • If you are at home and pay; NO Direct Debit will be taken.
  • If we leave an invoice and you pay your invoice BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH. NO Direct Debit will be taken
  • But if you don’t pay BEFORE THE END OF THE MONTH I will draw on the Direct Debit for the invoice total. Payment will be on the 5TH OF THE FOLLOWING MONTH after invoice.


So now YOU have a choice.

Have your windows cleaned and pay me by the end of the month.


Have your windows cleaned; sit back and let the direct debit sort out the payment hassle free.



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